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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Tournament Report

Ok so every sunday i go to untouchables for the yugioh tournament :D they give out cash as the prize woot. I arrived there at about 12pm just in time for round one :D. Anyways yeah, normally i lend out my blackwings and synchro cat to other people and use my lightsworn but today no one needed an extra deck so i had the option of using any of the three. I decided to run lightsworn today because i didnt feel like thinking when i play today since the deck runs itself mirite? Srsly though LS is probably the funnest to play from all the three decks so thats why i chose it. Also not to mention most people at my locals dont run LS so i didnt have to play many mirror matches. Yeah i hate mirror matches no matter what deck i run. Ok so before the tournament my co-worker mike (yes i work at untouchables) collected our kossi cards !!!! W00t its finally sanctioned, and although is is good news there is also a downside since the program kossi uses is quite new it has several glitches and other complications. Ok so enough of me talking about useless things and off we go to round one.

There were pairing glitches so round one was paired manually grrr. This made Dale and Lazaro Belido Leave since they didnt want to face each other round 1. Sad Sad :'(. At least i got to play with Dale before round 1 (i havent seen him all week)

Round 1

Me (LS) vs Some guy i forgot his name but he ran hopeless dragon.

Game 1 : I dont remeber how but i otkd him with like celestia reborn foolish and milling more wulfs yay so at this point i still ha dno idea what he as running.

Game 2: First turn he used trade ins so it was at this point i realised he was runnign hopeless hwoever he was unlucky that i was able to celestia him 3 turns in a row so i wont that game fairly easily too.

Round 2 was about to be posted and this is where everyhtign was messed up. The pairings were now done in another program so alot of people were mispaired according to w-l ratios.

my record 1-0

Round 2

vs Antonio (twilight) you guys know him from my videos

Game 1: He had an insane opening so i got smashed game 1

time to side i sided in vortex brain control and 2 soul release

Game 2: The game went back and forth with attack until i managed to stardust and brain his wulf for game shot.

Game 3: We both opened up poorly. About turn 4 i soul released him then dropped my jd, however he had a chaos sorc in his hand and got that on the field. For the enxt 2 turns i was defending while he filled up his field. Finally he dropped a jd and milled 4 leaving him with 3 cards in the deck. I was down to no cards in hand and no more gardnas in my grave and i topdeck into a threatening roar! What a lucksack! so i set it. He blows up wiht jd and is disapointed to see the roar then ends up milling himself for game.

my record : 2-0

Round 3

vs Vince Cheng (blackwings) you know vince from my videos

Game 1: Vince and I dont usually like to play each other since we split i the end. Game 1 i opened broken and won turn 2.

Game 2: we both opened bad except i had a plague crush. About 7 turns later i won since i had such a slow opening i had to poke with lumina and garoths just to win.

my record 3-0

Round 4

We thought this was the last round so my opponent jason who i was supposed to play gave me the win so we can get the other people we like into top 8, well that was his excuse anyways, he knew i was going to win regardless :P (oh snap so cocky)

my record 4-0

We are waiting for our results for top 8 and then suddenly sinc ehte program was screwing up all dya we were forced to play round 5 since alot of people had the same record.

Round 5

vs Earle aka EJ (zombies)

Game 1: EJ jsut got back into the game heused to play a while ago in the chaos format and monarch format. Good guy. I opened up godl and won tuen 2.

Game 2: He managed to get a light imp out turn 1. Turn 2 i got my decree and got him down to 2900 lps however i drew dead the next 2 turns with a jd in hand and only 3 ls in my grave >< (he crow'd my 4th) So he managed to push for damage with a collosal and the 2400 beater (forgot its name)

Game 3: i opened up the nuts and one on turn 3 with 1 card left in my deck :P.

Record 5-0

I came in 1st after swiss and we split top 4 so i managed to get 20$ yay!

Here are pictures of the list i ran i would type it out but i am jsut to lazy soz lol.




Extra Deck:

Side Deck:

Hope you guys enjoyed this.

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  1. So you came in second place? That's pretty cool. :)